A mom working from home is not as easy as it may seem.

Every mom knows what I’m talking about, a kid pretending they are lawyer, a cook, a banker, a dad or mom, any job really. But that moment your young child mimics your job is maybe the moment you realize you’re doing too much of it.

At least in my case that’s how I felt. I spend the majority of my awake time sitting at this computer replying to emails, getting up to take phone calls and just click-clickety-clicking away over here between the space in my home that divides the living room and kitchen. Some days I’m here investing hours into social media, or sometimes I’m gone for 72+ hours at a time. And what I realized is maybe I’m doing to much of one thing or maybe I’m not managing my time well.

Finding the perfect balance is basically unheard of, but not impossible. 

I’m trying to learn how to balance this working mom and homestead mom thing. It’s not easy because my kids are still young-ish and I don’t want to miss out on certain stages. It’s a daily battle to invest in myself and my families future AND be the best mom I can be.

We often put pressure on ourselves to be better at parenting. I see it every day, with every single one of you. We have to plan things, set up play dates, get our kids involved with someone or something every day or else…….. or else what? Do you feel like you aren’t doing enough. Or maybe you feel like other parents do so much more with their kids so why can’t you. And to fill this need of acceptance we plan way too much stuff and become overwhelmed by it after, or maybe this is just me?

Let go of what the rest of the world thinks, only you matter to them. 

Being bored isn’t a bad thing. But that’s not the whole point of me sharing my story. Yesterday was a rather hard day mentally. School was cancelled (snow day!) and my kids were just all over the place. But I chose to work while they found something to do. After all it was a Monday and mom doesn’t stop unless I have too. My work day goes on just like any other parent, and my children find ways to entertain themselves. Sometimes I have to give directions, ask for things to get done or just stop what I’m doing for 30 minutes to calm the monsters down……. but I still work, and they adjust.

It was the moment my 5 year old daughter dressed up in her favorite dance outfit and sat at my computer and said “Look I’m mommy, click-clickety-click” (She’s said click-clickety-click while pretending to type). With a huge smile on her face. She looked at me, did that and hopped off my chair to go play. Looks like I’m balancing life just fine I guess. If she can sit there for a moment and mimic her mom in a positive way then all is well in my crazy world.