One of the many reasons you’ll find yourself in the bathroom during pregnancy

The one thing that stays the same- on to the next toilet adventure.

If you’re like more then half the pregnant population in the world, you probably hugged the toilet bowl a few times during pregnancy. It’s that horrible time for some, lasts a good 8-12 weeks and if you’re lucky it stops long enough for you to enjoy the second and third trimester.

On to the next thing.

Ah morning sickness has subsided and you can finally peel yourself away from the toilet and start looking like a glowing pregnant person. All might seem good for a few weeks until constipation hits and now you’re right back to your dedicated toilet.

What’s coming from my vagina?

The joy you’ll get from your last trimester includes many trips to the bathroom thinking your water broke. Peeing when you laugh, sneeze, burp or fart. Changing a liners because your discharge is more then you expected and before you know it it’s go-time.

So what about the toilet you ask?

The bathroom, mainly the toilet. Has been the most desired laboring location for those birthing a baby. It’s actually perfect and here’s why: It’s a very personal space, not many people can fit in a bathroom comfortably so if you need a place to really relax it’s perfect. You have the tub, shower, and toilet to use as you labor, making it so you really don’t need any extra tools.

From experience I’ve seen clients really enjoy a dark, quiet bathroom allowing them to moan and move freely but still feel closely secure.

And sometimes, it’s just so nice to sit there and do nothing between contractions!

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