establishing healthy sleep

sleep training

guaranteed to help your baby sleep independently

Better Sleep Starts with Us.

We are the only agency in Western MA that offers this type of Sleep Training Program. With our support we guarantee success, imagine a home where everybody sleeps? Let us create that home for you.

"Loving you is more than just a dream"

Minnie Riperton

Our three main focus points…


Happy Baby

With guidance and support, together we can guide your baby to dream land all on her own. She will go to sleep happily in her bed.


Happy Parents

With us by your side, we not only sleep train your baby but we give you the comfort in knowing you can sleep too. Once you finally catch up on sleep you’ll feel like a whole new parent.


Happy Family

What if I told you anyone could put your baby to bed after we sleep train? Imagine what kind of night you could have knowing you didn’t have to be there every minute. Your entire family will feel well rested and you won’t know what to do with all that energy.

your family deserves to thrive!

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