What is a sibling care doula and why is everyone talking about it like I need it? Because YOU DO! If you’re expecting another baby and NEED reliable child care for your oldest then we are the right service for you!

Let’s just tear the band aid off a blanket statement for a second and I’m going to say this. No birthing person needs a doula. Most of you know a birth doula is a professional labor coach, the value, support, comfort and overall benefits to having a birth doula is actually pretty great. But do you need one? NO! I birthed all four of my babies without a doula, I simply didn’t need one. So I stand by that statement of “No birthing person needs a doula”. https://westernmadoulas.com/birth-doulas-support/

But what is a sibling care doula and how can my growing family benefit from hiring one?

A sibling care doula is a birth and baby professional who offers child care to those who have an older child that needs to be cared for while you are away birthing your second, third or fourth baby. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. And yes it’s kind of like a sitter, but I’ll list some things we offer below.

Our fee covers: Being on-call for you. This means when labor starts we are on our way. it’s 2am and you need to head to the hospital, call your sibling care doula! You’re being induced or having a scheduled cesarean…….. call your sibling care doula! You hired us to be readily available for when YOU NEED CARE. That’s the whole point of this. Your older child(ren) will be cared for like she was one of my own.

On-call until a week after birth- We arrive when needed and stay as long as needed. Our sibling care package covers us being on-call, and a solid 48 hours of in-home care for your child(ren) PETS INCLUDED.

We feed, change, clean, organize and entertain your home while your away. Sticking with your child’s schedule and ensure their daily routine is not disturbed. Our services include driving (proper seat must be used based on the states car seat laws), shop and meal plan for your arrival home.

To Good To Be True- A Sibling Care Doula

Does this sound “too good to be true”? Yeah we thought so, but it’s true! We love nothing more then coming in and sustaining your home so you can comfortably birth your baby and know your home, child and pet is cared for.

Sibling care support means we fit right in to your child’s daily routine and sometimes that includes basket rides, fort building and getting creative with our surroundings!

Q: So what does this kind of thing cost?

I don’t like putting a price tag on professional services, but this service is not only amazing but so beneficial for families to utilize! For 48 hours of solid care it’s $2,400. You can extend services to 72 hours for a total of $3,600. Our 72 hour package works best for those having an induction or planned cesarean. Both packages includes everything stated above, and we can bring your older child to visit you at your birthing location to make your bonding time with baby last a little longer.

We offer Sibling Care because it’s really important clients know (and feel) that there older child is in the best care, for a good 2-3 days. Less worry for you and more fun for us!

Are you interested? Does this sound like a service your child could benefit from? Let’s connect! Send Karen an email with interest in sibling care and we can get you on our calendar ASAP. Or follow the website link below the email to fill out our contact form and help us make the process of connecting easier!



Or want a quick call to talk about setting up a visit? Our first visit is FREE! Let’s meet and see if I’m the right fit to care for your child, home and pet(s) while you’re away. 1-413-775-3965