Woman right before giving birth in hospital

Now that you know about Hot & Cold therapy during labor let’s jump into talking about other labor comfort measures. Sometimes we know exactly what we want for our labor and other times we simple don’t know and rely on our support system to guide us.

If you hired a birth doula you won’t need to worry about what type of support you might want, she will know how to support you during each stage of labor. Your body language, laboring sounds and other forms of observations will help her know exactly what you need. And in the moments you don’t enjoy the hip squeeze or cold cloth on your back she won’t take offense to changing her support to better your experience.

If you don’t have a doula that’s okay. You and your support person can benefit from, this blog, an in-person personal childbirth education class or an online session geared around your specific wants and desires.

So let’s jump in, partners and support person.

Your words matter, sometimes not saying anything at all matters too. In the beginning it’s fun to crack jokes and keep mom feeling vibrant and happy. We want to give her love and lots of positivity. When labor progresses and you notice she’s not talking much, you follow her cues. The sounds she makes you can do with her. Focus on moving the sounds to a low deep hum and help her vision moving the baby further down. The deep humming will help her move the labor energy inwards to help labor.

Gentle but firm pressure on her hips, back, legs or head will help her cope as she works through each contraction. Be with her in the moment, sway with her, hold her. If you notice she’s not coping well with certain techniques just change it, “Let’s get you ready for the tub, I think you’ll enjoy the jets massaging your back”.

When she gets into transitioning your presence is enough support. Just being there breathing with her, humming with her and guiding her on this path will mean the world to her.

Physical and emotional support is really important, for both the laboring mom and partner. Supporting both parents as they welcome their baby into this world is a service we take pride in.

A birth doula does not take the place of your support person. They won’t get in the way and they absolutely will add to your birth experience. If you’re looking to add a doula aka “birth coach” to your support system please then we are here and ready!