sleep when the baby doesn’t

overnight newborn care

immediate rest for you and your baby

we’ll handle baby. You handle the rest.

Being the best parent you can starts with making sure you’re taken care of. Eating well, drinking water, and getting enough rest and crucial. What to do when you bring home your newborn and they simply won’t allow the sleep part? Bring in help.

With experience in both breast and bottle feeding, Western MA Doulas will ease the stress of bedtime and allow you to get all the sleep you possibly can. Together we’ll develop a plan that works for your family. Whether we take the nighttime shift and you sleep or we tag-team, bringing baby to nurse and then taking them back to bed, we’ll handle the diaper changes, washing bottles or pump parts, and even light laundry.

Rest easy knowing you and your family are being cared for while you catch some shut eye.

"To Sleep, perchance to dream."

it’s time to rest.

bring peace back to your home.