Pain management during labor.

Did you know you have options when it comes to hot and cold therapy during labor? And we are so excited to share our tips with you! You often hear about other woman giving birth in the water, also known as a water birth or birthing tub. Most woman love laboring and birthing in the water, it’s really relaxing and soothing.

Early Labor Cold Therapy Comfort Measures.

Labor has finally started, and your body has probably shifted into high gear and you may start to feel really warm, or hot. Actually there’s a good chance you will feel so hot you’ll need something to cool you off. Grab a zip-lock bag and fill it 3/4 of the way with ice.

Use on your: Lower back, head, bottom of your tummy, top of your tummy, across your shoulders or even on your legs depending on where you need cooling. Some woman even use a bucket of water with ice to keep on hand when mom needs a cold cloth over her neck or forehead.

Active Labor Hot Therapy Comfort Measures.

When your body transitions into active labor you might want water therapy. Hot (warm) showers during active labor are truly relaxing and beneficial. Even better if you feel like drifting away in a labor tub. The hot water (warm) will relax you enough to really enjoy the time between your contractions and before you know it it’s time to birth. Although I must say, once you get in the water time does move quickly, but to you it might not seem that way.

Everything in-between. 

Stay hydrated with ice chips, this is something your nurse, midwife and doula will offer you continuously during labor. STAY HYDRATED. If you’re getting induced ice chips will be your best friend……. you can’t eat or drink anything except ice chips. If you’re not getting induced keep sipping water or your own personal drink that you know will give you fuel for birth. After birth your nurse will have a special vaginal ice pack ready. Your vagina only needs the coldness for a few minutes, just long enough to help YOU feel relieved from giving birth.

At any point during your labor you can have warm blankets, mostly after birth when your body is recovering from such a big event and you really need to stay warm. Drink warm tea and make sure your first meal after birth is something hot/warm.

If you hired a birth doula she can assist with getting you cleaned up and feeling good about just giving birth. Don’t be afraid to ask for her help with ANYTHING, you hired a professional and will receive the best care from her. This included cleaning you up after birth, helping you shower or bath and even assisting with changing your pads and vaginal care. Our support doesn’t stop after you give birth, after all we are here for you.