It’s that time of year again.

And I know I’m not the only one excited about fair food.

It’s okay to be an adult and enjoy the fair, especially if your pregnant!

Fair Food

Oh you know exactly what I’m talking about. What person goes to the fair and doesn’t indulge in the food? No-one that’s who!  Everything from french fries, cheese burgers, sausage with veggies and all the sweet things you can eat with a side of lemonade.

The Franklin County Fair is one of the best know fun attractions in western ma. People travel from all over just to experience this little but mighty fair. Between the food, local art displays in the round house, farmers showing off there livestock and of course the rides. You’ll be sad to miss it, so make sure this September you come! Here’s a link to check out  all the fun things they offer.

The Fried Dough From Hager’s. 

If you’re local (Shelburne/Buckland/Greenfield) than you know the Greenfield Fair will have fried dough for three days. This is a pretty special day for everyone, the fried dough with maple spread is the #1 reason why I go to the fair. In fact, if you ask anyone local I’m positive they will say the same.

The crispiness of the dough. Soft in some places but crunchy in others. The perfect amount in the palm of your hand. Covered with a cream topping, maple spread! Add a little powdered sugar and grab yourself some napkins because one bite will lead to indulging. Before you know it your full and happy. The flavor is so good you’ll go back for more later.

Hager’s is know for there fried dough, there fun farm stand and local farmers market is loaded with everything from fruits and veggies, to baked goods and more. If you’re passing through rt2 on the Mohawk Train in Shelburne you should stop by. And maybe you’ll catch them on a special day they serve fried dough!!!!! Check out there website for more information on ocal syrup, fried dough days and more:

It’s Time to Have Fun.

Fair season for me is the one time I can forget about what I eat and really enjoy fried food. My kids LOVE the fair rides (kiddy rides) and I love seeing them have that much fun. The baby barn is probably their favorite place. Nothing seems more soothing then seeing, touching and feeding baby animals, slobber and all (some drool too much).