Will Eggplant Induce Labor?

At this point in your pregnancy you’re probably feeling done. And that’s expected, I can imagine you’re eager to meet your baby. And you’re probably more eager to try all those natural ways to induce labor. I have been where you are. You can’t see your vagina anymore, you probably forgot you had one. Those shoes are getting snugger and your hips feel like breaking. You can’t sleep and moving from one side to another in bed takes a few minutes. You’re done, I understand and I want to help.

The Theory Behind The “Natural Labor Induction Methods”.

They don’t really work. I know, I’m sorry to burst your bubble on that but seriously don’t stress trying to get labor started. The theory is that if you prepare the eggplant a certain way it will induce labor. Let’s just burst out a few more theories. Spicy food will only give you heartburn and possibly a burning bum, not fun with those pregnancy hemorrhoids. Sure sex can help, but it’s not the actual act of having sex, it’s the semen. Apparently semen can help soften the cervix and bonus if the pregnant person orgasms (Orgasms cause the uterus to contract- and sometimes it’s not as pleasurable).

What You Should Really Do When You’re DONE Being Pregnant. 

I love having this chat with clients. It helps them filter their emotions about still being pregnant and allows them to relax a little before actual labor.


I’m not saying this like “you just need to relax ok”, I’m saying it in a way where relaxation really does help your body progress. Take a nice warm bath, hire someone to clean your house if you haven’t already. I hear Netflix is pretty great for staying on the couch all day.

Meal Prep

If you have a meal train started great! If not here’s a link to check it out and encourage your family and friends to sign up. https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/create/. This allows you to not worry about what you’ll eat each day! If a meal train isn’t right for you maybe hire a postpartum doula to come and prep meals. She can shop for the food, come back to your house and cook it all. Then store it in the fridge or freezer depending on when you’ll eat it. I highly recommend you plan something for food, new moms tend to forget they need to eat when taking care of a newborn.

Self care

Treat yourself to a pedicure, manicure or both. Maybe even schedule a prenatal massage or a pregnancy photo shoot! Angela Roberts can put a package together for pregnancy and newborn sessions, check out her work here. Another great tip that many of my clients seem to love is doing something you might regret if you didn’t do it. For example; Having a Belly Cast done by a professional. They will come to your house and mold your belly. Take the unfinished cast back to their shop and get it prepped for designing. in about 6-8 weeks you’ll get it back with a beautiful custom design. You can even request a Belly Bowl which can be custom made in time for newborn photos! Contact Western MA Doulas for more information on this service.


Invite friends over and enjoy the day. Maybe invite them out for a meal and movies, go bowling or simply enjoy a stroll in the park. If you have older children maybe set up play dates or have a “mommy and me” day. Don’t exhaust yourself but don’t stay home focused on trying to induce labor.


If you’re able to rest do it. Sleep in later in the mornings, take a long afternoon summer nap. Maybe even go to bed early. Passing out on the couch is totally acceptable too! The more you relax your body and mind the better prepared you’ll be when labor starts. And there’s nothing better then going to bed early and waking up feeling well rested with contractions.

If you decide to try all those myths because it “worked” for your friend then go ahead. It’s really ok and in most cases won’t cause problems. But do it knowing it probably won’t work, and if it does then your body had perfect timing!