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childbirth education

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Your journey starts here….

This is the start of an exciting journey. But like any adventure, you wouldn’t start out without a map! So why would you start this journey without a map and a guide? Our birth preparation classes are all that and more.

Using a thoroughly modern curriculum, delivered in person and with the attention to detail that Western MA Doulas is known for, this journey is one that will take you down a well-beaten path – you are joining the leagues of those who have given birth before you. Let us connect you to the past, while preparing you for childbirth in the modern age.

In our classes, you will learn…

  • Common pregnancy ailments and symptoms
  • Prenatal testing
  •  Stages of labor
  • Coping practices for labor
  • Birth plans
  • Interventions


  • Positions for labour and delivery
  • The golden hour after birth
  • Common newborn procedures


“Life is a journey to be experienced.”

Winnie The Pooh
our custom childbirth classes are perfect for you.

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