Just like life, birth is not a problem to be solved.

No matter how you are hoping to bring your baby into the world, we know that giving birth is a process filled with anticipation, questions, excitement, and maybe even fear. Our goal is to answer your questions and be your guide through the experience of giving birth. Our doulas are knowledgeable about all different types of births, and will support you in achieving your birthing goals. We all know that birth is unpredictable, so if your plans change at any time, you can be confident in knowing that your doula will not leave your side or question your choices. 

All Western MA Doulas are trained and certified or actively working towards their certification. They maintain CPR and First Aid certification and also have up-to-date liability insurance. Our commitment to our community is that our doulas will meet and exceed the highest standards and expectations, while bringing you the care and compassion that you want.

your birth doula provides…

  • E-mail and phone access for both quick and complicated questions
  • On-call support from the time of hire
    Requested information on local resources
  • Combined knowledge of your doula team
  • A prenatal visit discussing your birth and postpartum wishes
  • Consistent care throughout your birth
  • A postpartum visit to check in on you and your baby

“Life is a journey to be experienced.”

Winnie The Pooh
It’s Going to be wonderful!

plan the birth of your dreams today!